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We will create an opportunity for you to gain a global perspective.

Global human resource is about lifestyle. It is to discover your own identity and the country you live in, to talk to all kinds of people and learn from them, to acquire necessary traits to survive, and to enrich your life as well as others. These qualities will lead you to become a global human resource.

Let us help you take your next step in Hawaii!

Hoaloha Ambassador Program

HGEF launched the “Hoaloha Ambassador Program” in 2017, to take Hawaii students studying Japanese but have yet got a chance to visit Japan. This excursion is sponsored and organized by HGEF to give those students not only a chance to learn about Japan, but to also look back at Hawaii from the outside and appreciate its beauty and values.

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中部学院大学の清水先生より感謝のメールを頂きました! 宮原様 ホノルルでは大変お世話になりました。また、お土産をいただきありがとうござ いました。美味しくいただきました。土曜日の夜全員無事に帰国しました。本日 事後研修を行ったのですが、数名が時差ボケになっているようですが、皆元気で す。 Star of the Sea Early Learning Center、Tripler Army Medi […]

Hoaloha 2018!! – Jaida Burgon

After the long plane ride, we had finally arrived. We found our way around and finally met with our host families. I was very scared that I would have to speak strictly Japanese, but my host family Ma […]

Hoaloha 2018!! – Reagan Wood

Earlier this summer, three girls and I were given the chance to go to Japan. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I jumped at the chance to go, I had never been to Japan and I was so excited to go […]

Customized Planning

Creating an educational study program!

The Hawaii Global Education Foundation (HGEF) will create a customized study program in order to fulfil the needs of the administration, school and organization. We provide planning and arrangements for educational institution visitation, preparational study sessions, educational tour guides, interpretation, coordinators, homestay, hotel bookings, transportation, and 24-hour safety support. We provide you a safe and substantial study session in Hawaii.

Bilingual Support

We support you 24/7!!

The staff of HGEF are all bilingual and have earned their college degrees overseas. They interpret for conferences, meetings and lectures, and coordinate your Hawaii study program with the spirit of Aloha. We are able to join the preparational study session in Japan prior to your arrival in Hawaii and attend as a guest lecturer to support you.