中部学院大学の清水先生より感謝のメールを頂きました! 宮原様 ホノルルでは大変お世話になりました。また、お土産をいただきありがとうござ いました。美味しくいただきました。土曜日の夜全員無事に帰国しました。本日 事後研修を行ったのですが、数名が時差ボケになっているようですが、皆元気で す。 Star of the Sea Early Learning Center、Tripler Army Medi […]

Hoaloha 2018!! – Jaida Burgon

After the long plane ride, we had finally arrived. We found our way around and finally met with our host families. I was very scared that I would have to speak strictly Japanese, but my host family Ma […]

Hoaloha 2018!! – Reagan Wood

Earlier this summer, three girls and I were given the chance to go to Japan. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I jumped at the chance to go, I had never been to Japan and I was so excited to go […]

Hoaloha 2018!! – Cassidy Chang

When we got to Japan and I met my host family it felt like I’ve never knew them already because they were so kind to me and gave me a warm welcome. My host mother Keiko could speak a little English bu […]

Hoaloha 2018!! – Julie Nakanishi

  This trip was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. I had such an amazing time learning about a new culture and about many of their traditions. I never thought I would see so much rice fi […]